From Tokyo Station To All of Japan

Globally well-known tourist destination ‘Kyoto’
You can visit the famous temples in the city of Kyoto such as Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkaku-ji (also known as Rokuon-ji).
There are places with natural sceneries such as Arashiyama area and Kibune area. Places like Gion area are suitable for taking a walk. There are also Byodo-in Phoenix Hall in Uji and Amanohashidate which is well-known as one of Japan’s three scenic views in Miyazu. Kyoto is an enjoyable sightseeing area with a wide range of destinations.
Access: Take Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line from Shintomicho Station → transfer at Yurakucho Station to Yamanote Line for Tokyo Station → transfer to Shinkansen. Approximately 3 hours.

The 5th Station at Mt. Fuji
The highest mountain of Japan, Mount Fuji, has a height of 3,776 above sea level. It is an independent peak representing Japan.
Mt. Fuji was born about 23 million – 5 million years ago. With four huge eruptions of the submarine volcano, a stratovolcano extending its slope all the way to Suruga Bay is formed. The closer to the peak, the steeper the slope. The elegant cone shape is taken as the highest pride for Japanese fineness and it is loved by the people since old times.
Access: Take Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line from Shintomicho Station → transfer at Ichigaya Station for Toei Shinjuku Line to Shinjuku Station → Highway Bus for approximately 3 hours.

Hakone is famous for its hot spring (Onsen), nature and history.
Being the nearest hot spring village from the center of Tokyo, it is surrounded by rich nature and equipped with numerous hot spring facilities, accommodations, restaurants and souvenir shops. These make it one of the greatest destinations with tourists coming in endless stream and staying for nights.